remix of song Arnold, from my dear friends Bizon.

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TITRACIJA 004 featuring JUICE

Carl Sagan

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Here is a new tune from really good friends of mine


Kid Rađa - Marijana
kapnula je još jedna

Here is a little present from me…a freemasonic drums with illuminati bass …don tell Rick Ross or P.Diddy

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This is just sad thing to watch. I have never been in Cable but still hope I will one day.


Network Rail destroys Cable

Heartbreaking. Thoughts out to Alex, Chris, Theo, Funmi and the rest of the 70 Cable staff who have lost their jobs.

It may have been a damp, sweaty railway arch but it was dark, it was loud and it was vibes, and thousands of people had a lovely time experiencing great music there. For me some great memories of Shogun Audio, Virus, Idiosynphonic, UKF, GetDarker and Drum&BassArena.

I look forward to the Cable crew building a new home, as the London clubbing situation is now fucking dire. Elijah sums it up perfectly.

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Bizon Viki - VRH remix

Here is my remix of Viki, a tune by Split city noise rock band



What he said!

Yes I do.

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Kozmodrom EP is OUT NOW!!!

So my latest EP for Architecture called “Kozmodrom EP” is finally out!!!!
 Check out sites where you can buy 

Arthur C Clarke, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking on drugs

It has come time to upload clips of my forthcoming EP on Architecture recordings “Kozmodrom EP”…enjoy ;)

Another forthcoming VRH tune from Architectures “Kozmodrom” EP featured in Rezas mix, also my man Okor got featured as well!!!!!

NEW SOUNDS with my mate DYL!!!!! chchchchcheck it!